The Foxy Book Cache

Like the fox, I collect. Unlike the fox, it’s books.

Come with me as I attempt to tackle my book cache and write about it.

I Will Explore

I have a lot of books that I have accumulated (in many ways, all over again) over the past six years. Some I wasn’t aware I had. Others I picked up and figured they would be a good read.

I Will Discover

Not all books hit us in the right place. I may find that a book is not all that great, though others might. I may discover an author that I will come to enjoy the work of.

I Will Experience

With some of the titles I have picked, I may get the chance to be in a few worlds or events (within the book) that I had not considered storylines for.

Not all those who wander are lost.


I had originally thought of a book a week as that would keep me accountable for the upkeep of reading and discussing. But I also go to college, homeschool, and work from home on my other page/selling products. I will try to keep up as best as I possibly can.

About Us

I am a single mom of three, a college student, and an Avon Rep. I like to crochet, needlepoint, and doo crafts when I can. I am also a current Idahoan. Please bare with me as this page grows. I only have a few pages up at this time. And few links.

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